Wednesday, July 15, 2009

[Mix-Tape] Summer of 1988

Neutrinos (meaning: "Small neutral ones") are elementary particles that often travel close to the speed of light, lack an electric charge, are able to pass through ordinary matter almost undisturbed and are thus extremely difficult to detect.

Most neutrinos passing through the Earth emanate from the Sun, and more than 50 trillion solar electron neutrinos pass through the human body every second.

Scientist can measure these small particles but as if they were in a separate dimension, they do not know their purpose. They are a mystery.

In the Summer of 1988, a scientist and his dog began on a journey to the Chugach Mountains in Alaska... he would stay there living on his own for 30 years, until his death. His grandchild, Kurt, also a scientist, would 60 years later return to his grandfather's shelter in the mountains. There, away from human produced electricity, he would begin his research investigating the mystery of neutrinos.

Genres: Ambient, Folk, Dubstep, Trip Hop, IDM, Techno, Drum n' Bass, Acid
Total Length : 1 hour 8 minutes 20 seconds
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