Wednesday, December 31, 2008

[Music Recommendation] Buddy Peace - Wolf Diesel Mountain (2008)

With Girl Talk's newest release, "Feed the Animals," I mainly found myself dissapointed, because I was hoping Greg Gillis would give us something beyond "Night Ripper 2." Its not that there is anything terribly wrong with FTA, its just, it seems like wasted potential. However my hopes had been answered by, Nick Budd, an up and coming London DJ, who released his debut album this year, "Wolf Diesel Mountain." This 57 minute 34 second work of art, manages to break almost all remaining boundaries left in the art of mashups, and provide an interesting introspected look into the artist's personal life and philosophy.

Instead of limiting his technical abilites to a collage of pop culture music, he creates a coherent epic representation of some of the most far and reaching sounds in music today. By pacing the album through a journey of disgruntled confrentations, hallucinations, introductions, and casual conversations the songs feel more cohesive and less rapid. He lets the samples build up and breathe, giving the listener a more tranced/psychedelic experience.

You may or may not recognize the sources of the samples Nick uses on this album, but because he layers the vocal tracks around so many different soundscapes, the songs becomes uniquely different then their originals. Rarely do you find yourself wishing that one portion would continue longer, and sometimes Nick even comes back to certain samples, making the album feel more coherent and connected.

I don't mean to hate on Girl Talk too much, because his album does serve a different purpose and therefore shouldn't really be compared. But for music enthusiast who appreciate Greg's technical abilities as a mashup artist, well then you should absolutely love "Wolf Diesel Mountain." One of the best albums of the year.

1 Untitled (1:18)
2 Untitled (2:41)
3 Untitled (1:08)
4 Untitled (0:58)
5 Untitled (2:22)
6 Untitled (0:44)
7 Untitled (2:56)
8 Untitled (1:19)
9 Untitled (2:41)
10 Untitled (0:40)
11 Untitled (3:05)
12 Untitled (2:20)
13 Untitled (1:37)
14 Untitled (2:45)
15 Untitled (2:46)
16 Untitled (2:14)
17 Untitled (1:02)
18 Untitled (2:04)
19 Untitled (1:38)
20 Untitled (1:54)
21 Untitled (1:43)
22 Untitled (2:24)
23 Untitled (2:25)
24 Untitled (1:43)
25 Untitled (1:43)
26 Untitled (2:24)
27 Untitled (1:47)
28 Untitled (2:26)
29 Untitled (1:46)
30 Untitled (1:02)

Country: UK
Released: 12 May 2008
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock
Style: Instrumental, Post Rock, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Experimental

[Music Video] Flying Lotus - Los Angeles

Essentially the final version of this music video. Though don't be surprised if you see a re-cut up here in about a week or so. Enjoy.

Flying Lotus - Los Angeles [Music Video] from Brendan Sinnott on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

[Music Recommendation] Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album (1996)

Sadly as someone who was born in 1989, I cannot claim to be someone who grew up with the birth of modern electronic music in the 90's. Those who did, well let me just say I am extremely envious and jealous. Listening to Richard's music as it was released and as it shaped the industry, must have been quite the experience. He certainly completely reshaped my outlook of music when I got around to listening to him.

Before Aphex Twin, I was strictly a man of the 60's and 70's. Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground... these were the kinds of artists/bands I was into and obsessed with. Electronic music back then for me, meant soulless techno trash that served no purpose other then maybe bumping the bass in the back of the car.

However, in the spring of 2006, something caught my eye at my local Barnes & Noble (lol). It was the album art for Aphex Twin's Richard D. James Album. "This face seems familiar," I thought... and the name Aphex Twin was also something I had heard mentioned more then a few times. "But what is with this insane artwork...?" I kept thinking to myself. "Do I really want to walk over to the check-out and hand this thing to the clerk? What kind of person will she think I am!?" The thought of purchasing something which in appearance looked so menacing and disturbing, seemed like the wrong idea, plus a waste of money. But as I kept browsing around looking for something else to buy, I couldn't stop myself from going back to examine it. My friend finally encouraged me it was time to leave, and I made the gut decision to buy it.

Just like the album art, Aphex Twin's Richard D. James Album, is disturbing and unsettling in its first listens. The absolutely insane beat patterns are at times so discomforting that its hard not to want to skip to the next track or all together just throw away the disc. But something about it... made me continue to come back for more. Its somewhat hard to explain, but this album is something you have to work at to enjoy. You have to invest your time into understanding it to come to appreciate it.

Most of all though you have to let your mind go. That is what the album art is depicting in my opinion. Its not that Aphex Twin is this really creepy guy, its that on a subconscious level there is so much more to discover inside the mind. An album with little to no vocals/lyrics has never hit me on a more personal level then this one... because it becomes what you make of it. Just as it is Richard D. Jame's album, it is your album. It is an album that lets you play with insanity.

1 4 (3:37)
2 Cornish Acid (2:14)
3 Peek 824545201 (3:05)
4 Fingerbib (3:48)
5 Carn Marth (2:33)
6 To Cure A Weakling Child (4:03)
7 Goon Gumpas (2:02)
8 Yellow Calx (3:04)
9 Girl/Boy Song (4:52)
10 Logan Rock Witch (3:33)

Country: UK
Released: 04 Nov 1996
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Drum n Bass, Acid

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

[Mix-Tape] Mix1

1. Wildlife Institute 2 - Agnès (0:57)
2. A Manhã Na Praia - The Alps (5:28)
3. Master Of None - Beach House (3:20)
4. Thinking Of Courtney Feat. Caural - Take (1:06)
5. 009 - MRR / ADM (3:29)
6. Boards of Canada - 'DC (Bit) - Odd Nosdam (1:34)
7. Someone Great - LCD Soundsystem (6:26)
8. For Hoped - Black Devil Disco Club (5:19)
9. Camelot Pollution - Ceephax Acid Crew (2:39)
10. Shadows - Wagon Christ (4:27)
11. Olson - Boards Of Canada (1:32)
12. Southerners (Interlude) - Prefuse 73 (0:24)
13. The Diff'rence - Jay Dee aka J Dilla (1:53)
14. Green Sea Pageant - Lone (1:08)
15. Hendrix With KO - Caribou (3:57)
16. Harmony In Blue II - Tim Hecker (1:53)
17. Pinch And Flare - Kelpe (5:43)
18. The Deal - The Field (10:04)
19. Grass (Interlude) - Madvillain (0:36)
20. Vegas Collie - Flying Lotus (2:18)
21. Dew On The Mouth - Clark (1:06)
22. Matthew Unburdened - Clark (5:40)
23. What Have You Been Listening To? - Rephrase (0:16)
24. Goodbye Rute - The Tuss (5:22)

Genre(s): Electronic, Indie Rock, Experimental, Ambient
Total Length : 1 Hour 16 Minutes 19 Seconds


"Yearning for the immediate satisfactions in life is far less fulfilling then discovering the experience of traveling to an unknown space and time."


Thursday, December 11, 2008

[Music Recommendation] Favorite Ten Albums of 2007

After a year to ponder over everything in my library, this is what I have established as the best ten albums of 2007.

1. Panda Bear - Person's Pitch
2. LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
3. Deerhunter - Cryptograms/Flourescent Grey
4. The Field - From Here We Go Sublime
5. Caribou - Andorra
6. The Tuss - Rushup Edge
7. Amon Tobin - Foley Room
8. Stars of the Lid, And Their Refinement Of The Decline
9. Hecq, 0000
10. Agnès, Dumbles Debut

This years top ten will be posted on January 11th.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

[Music Recommendation] Freescha - Slower Than Church Music (2002)

1 Mollusk (1:32)
2 Gole (6:11)
3 Boogy Foot (6:55)
4 Cosmo Sees Rain (2:29)
5 The Loom (5:05)
6 Wood Working (2:12)
7 Mothy Hooves (1:15)
8 Abominable Love (4:05)
9 Saturday Morning (0:39)
10 Church Music (5:45

Country : UK
Released : 29 Apr 2002
Genre : Electronic
Style : IDM, Downtempo, Ambient

[Music Video] Flying Lotus Promo Music Video (Incomplete)

So I am working on this promotional music video for Flying Lotus's new album Los Angeles, which was released this year. It is in my opinion one of the best if not the best album to come out this year, tis why I decided to start working on this video.

I haven't completed it yet, but the concept for the music video was to take all my favorite Science Fiction films from the 1960's to 1980's and put its footage to a few of the highlight tracks on the album.

The video would hopefully serve the purpose of promoting the album by giving you a sample of the music, as well as entertain you with visuals that hopefully match the sounds of the music.

Well anyway without further explanation here is the video: