Friday, July 3, 2009

[Mix-Tape] Call When You See Lights in the Sky

Months later, a group of scientists had been selected to make an emergency departure to the moon. Out of a possible selection of 14 scientists/astronauts 7 were men and 7 were women. Their eventual necessary "mating" would be determined through a lottery system, shortly before launch.

On the day of launch, one of the astronauts approaches her husband and child and tells them the story about the seals crying that one day down in Antarctica. She says "it sounded like music... alien, but music. And it is this experience, that I know everything will be alright. While I'm away, at night time, both of you, sit outside looking up at the sky... I am not sure when, but when we reach auto-pilot, we will have direct communication with base... so I want you to call when you see lights in the sky... I'll be thinking of both of you..."

Genre(s): Trip Hop, Ambient, IDM, Acid
Total Length : 36 minutes 34 seconds
Size : 86 MB


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