Wednesday, December 31, 2008

[Music Recommendation] Buddy Peace - Wolf Diesel Mountain (2008)

With Girl Talk's newest release, "Feed the Animals," I mainly found myself dissapointed, because I was hoping Greg Gillis would give us something beyond "Night Ripper 2." Its not that there is anything terribly wrong with FTA, its just, it seems like wasted potential. However my hopes had been answered by, Nick Budd, an up and coming London DJ, who released his debut album this year, "Wolf Diesel Mountain." This 57 minute 34 second work of art, manages to break almost all remaining boundaries left in the art of mashups, and provide an interesting introspected look into the artist's personal life and philosophy.

Instead of limiting his technical abilites to a collage of pop culture music, he creates a coherent epic representation of some of the most far and reaching sounds in music today. By pacing the album through a journey of disgruntled confrentations, hallucinations, introductions, and casual conversations the songs feel more cohesive and less rapid. He lets the samples build up and breathe, giving the listener a more tranced/psychedelic experience.

You may or may not recognize the sources of the samples Nick uses on this album, but because he layers the vocal tracks around so many different soundscapes, the songs becomes uniquely different then their originals. Rarely do you find yourself wishing that one portion would continue longer, and sometimes Nick even comes back to certain samples, making the album feel more coherent and connected.

I don't mean to hate on Girl Talk too much, because his album does serve a different purpose and therefore shouldn't really be compared. But for music enthusiast who appreciate Greg's technical abilities as a mashup artist, well then you should absolutely love "Wolf Diesel Mountain." One of the best albums of the year.

1 Untitled (1:18)
2 Untitled (2:41)
3 Untitled (1:08)
4 Untitled (0:58)
5 Untitled (2:22)
6 Untitled (0:44)
7 Untitled (2:56)
8 Untitled (1:19)
9 Untitled (2:41)
10 Untitled (0:40)
11 Untitled (3:05)
12 Untitled (2:20)
13 Untitled (1:37)
14 Untitled (2:45)
15 Untitled (2:46)
16 Untitled (2:14)
17 Untitled (1:02)
18 Untitled (2:04)
19 Untitled (1:38)
20 Untitled (1:54)
21 Untitled (1:43)
22 Untitled (2:24)
23 Untitled (2:25)
24 Untitled (1:43)
25 Untitled (1:43)
26 Untitled (2:24)
27 Untitled (1:47)
28 Untitled (2:26)
29 Untitled (1:46)
30 Untitled (1:02)

Country: UK
Released: 12 May 2008
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock
Style: Instrumental, Post Rock, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Experimental

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