Sunday, November 23, 2008

[Music Video] Flying Lotus Promo Music Video (Incomplete)

So I am working on this promotional music video for Flying Lotus's new album Los Angeles, which was released this year. It is in my opinion one of the best if not the best album to come out this year, tis why I decided to start working on this video.

I haven't completed it yet, but the concept for the music video was to take all my favorite Science Fiction films from the 1960's to 1980's and put its footage to a few of the highlight tracks on the album.

The video would hopefully serve the purpose of promoting the album by giving you a sample of the music, as well as entertain you with visuals that hopefully match the sounds of the music.

Well anyway without further explanation here is the video:


ferntastic said...

It there any chance your LOS ANGELES video will be able to be seen again?
It was amazing and nobody believes me. It's like Bigfoot...


Analogue Revolver said...

password = 2001

Thanks for the kind words!